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yoga is a journey of transformation

Find Inner Peace at Papillon Yoga Studio

Discover Mindfulness and Movement in the Heart of the City in Hong Kong


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At Papillon Yoga, we believe that yoga is more than just a physical practice. It is a way of life that can help you achieve balance, strength, and inner peace.


Our classes are designed to integrate the mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with your true self.

yoga wheel - inversion
yoga for backbending
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gentle flow
Gentle Flow

Ease into your practice with a gentle flow that focuses on breath and movement, while promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

hip opening

Experience balance and harmony in body and mind through the practice of Hatha yoga, which emphasizes physical postures and breathing techniques.

yoga for office workers
Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced practice that involves holding poses for longer periods of time, typically 3-5 minutes or more, to target the connective tissues and promote relaxation.




hip opening
Hip Opening

Target the hips, releasing tension and increasing mobility through a variety of hip-focused postures and stretches.

feminine energy flow
Feminine Energy Flow

Tap into your feminine essence through a dance-inspired yoga practice that celebrates movement and self-expression.

balancing challenge
Yoga Wheel

the ultimate prop for taking your practice to new heights! This versatile tool helps you deepen your stretches, improve your balance, and engage muscles you didn't even know you had, all while adding an element of fun to your routine.

yoga - kids yoga class
Kids Yoga (age 4 - 17 y/o)

A fun and engaging way to introduce children to the benefits of yoga. It offers a variety of poses and activities that cater to children's interests and needs, such as improving flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

Yoga for office workers

Combat the effects of prolonged sitting and work-related stress with our Yoga for Office Workers class, which targets common areas of tension and promotes greater ease and wellbeing in your daily life.

spine soothe
Spine Soothe

Focus on postures and spinal exercises to tackle back pain, also includes lengthen, strengthen, and soothe the spine.

yin yoga class
Stretch & Stress Relief

Unwind both body and mind through a gentle, therapeutic practice designed to release tension and promote relaxation.

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