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Singing Bowls Sound Bath Duo




1 month


About the Course

Immerse yourself in a blissful journey of sound and relaxation with our talented singing bowls practitioners, Kelly and Mandy. 🎶✨

Experience a captivating sound environment created by a harmonious ensemble of singing bowls. 🥣✨ Let their soothing vibrations guide you into deep relaxation and tranquility as you settle into your yoga practice. 🧘‍♂️💤

But that's not all! Kelly and Mandy will also bring the magic of singing bowls directly to you, offering on-body massages that enhance healing energy and release tension. 🙌💆‍♀️

📅 Date & ⏰ Time:

- Oct 13 (Fri) 19:00-20:30: New moon

- Oct 27 (Fri) 19:00-20:30: Full moon

📍 Location: Papillon Yoga Studio

💰 Fee: $400/person

🎁 Bring a Friend and Enjoy 10% Off!

Join us for the Singing Bowls Sound Bath Duo and embark on a transformative journey of sound, relaxation, and self-discovery. Reserve your spot today! 🎟️🌈

Your Instructor

Kelly & Mandy

Kelly & Mandy
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